Quick Start

Install Nevalang and create your first project in one minute!

Installing Nevalang

To begin, download the Nevalang installation script using the following command:

curl -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nevalang/neva/main/scripts/install.sh | bash

If everything is ok you should be able to execute

neva version

And see output like this (version could differ):


Creating Your First Project

Let’s create a new project named test. Execute the following commands to set up your project:

neva new test

This command will create test directory with neva.yml manifest file with src/main.neva source code file.

Let’s open src/main.neva with your preferred text editor. You should see this:

component Main(start any) (stop any) {
    nodes {

    net {
        :start -> :stop

This program does nothing. Let’s replace this code with the following:

component Main(start any) (stop any) {
    nodes { printer Printer<string> }
    net {
        :start -> ('Hello, World!' -> printer:data)
        printer:sig -> :stop

Congratulations! You have just written your first Nevalang program. Now, let’s run it.

Running Your First Program

Open a terminal and execute the following command. Make sure you are in the root of the project (where you have neva.yml):

neva run src

If Hello, World! is displayed in the terminal, congratulations — your setup is correct!

Next, let’s compile the program into an executable:

neva build src

You should find an output executable in the current directory.

Execute it with:


You should see the Hello, World! message again, just like before.

Next Steps

You are now ready to dive deeper into Nevalang programming!

For further learning, consult the tutorial to enhance your understanding.